You can check for availability online, and make reservations up to 24 hours in advance of your arrival. If you need reservations the day you will be arriving, please contact us by phone or e-mail as this information will not appear in the system.

Travelers, please note, that while looking is free, booking online adds expense--no matter what hotel you use. We offer online information as a convenience, so you can check availability, which is a first (and free) step, 

If you opt to book online, the fee is usually fairly minor: 4% if you use this site, but up to 25% if you use some of the online travel agencies. 

Because we have no control over this cost, we consider booking surcharges an "incidental" fee. In an attempt to avoid inflating prices for ALL our clients, we do NOT (as the agents will try to tell you) deduct booking charges from your room rate. That said, our rates are so utterly reasonable, most people don't care about the $4.00 and are happy to secure a unit.

When we personally book a room for you, there is no surcharge, but you may have to wait a short period to find out if we can accommodate you. In short, if timing is more an issue than money, booking online works very well. 
It is your choice--if you have questions please call, 509 838-9140,
or write and ask: 

Phone: (509) 838-9140

  Make a Reservation

Please read important reservation information below:

Rates online:
Our online booking agent gives a rate on the first page for single occupancy. When you fill in the number of rooms ("1" for each apartment) and number of adults/children you plan to house, the next page will give you the actual rate. It is very important that these be filled in correctly so we know how many guests--and therefore towels, soaps, extra bedding, etc., you will require.

Rates, deposits and cancellation policies:
As you've probably noticed, our rates are extremely reasonable: you're getting a lot of features and amenities usually only available in Hotels and Inns twice the cost--and in some cases not available anywhere else. To facilitate this (and so travel agents don't indiscriminately tie up inventory with "just in case" reservations) we require a deposit to reserve space. Should you need to reschedule your trip, we will make every effort to rebook you into the room you desire, using your deposit as a credit against your next stay, but the deposit is nonrefundable. No shows are charged the full amount of the stay so make sure you let us know if your plans change.

Check in and questions:
Please make sure you call for key codes and check-in information the week before you arrive. (Not the day you arrive--sometime the week before.) This said, I can be reached via my cell phone at (509) 879-4619

for check in codes. BUT WAIT!!!! I can't make reservations or answer availability questions from my cell phone (no computer in the garden, laundry room, etc.) so please use the main answering service number (509) 838-9140 for questions whose answers I might not have stored in my brain or pocket book. I'll call you back promptly, I promise!


Looking forward to seeing you!

Dale Forbes