NOTE: Prices of the units vary according to: unit, length of stay (longer is cheaper per night),  number of people, and if we provide food or not.
Our online booking rates are reasonably accurate--but if you have questions please feel free to contact us$55- 195 per night
Odell Apartment B (Next Door)
For those that have stayed before, we have made some changes to the Next Door Apartment--please call and ask, or see the blog.  In the current incarnation, B sleeps three with one queen bed and one twin.  It is a Semi-studio, with natural woodwork a massive tile fireplace, the stained glass windows and lovely views all intact.  It has a beautiful private entry off the porch, Victorian sofa and easy chair, dining area, kitchen, private bath with tub and shower. This is an allergy sensitive unit (non-pet), and as all of our units, non smoking.

Odell Apartment C (The Family Apartment)
3 guests, one queen and one twin bed.  First floor entering off Poplar Street. .Don't let the original Japanese scrolls fool you, this great apartment has lots of helpful kids stuff hidden behind the drapes. Ground floor, west. side of house--adjoins nicely with "The Studio" to make a two bedroom suite if you wish. It has a large kitchen with retro cabinets and a fantastic pink stove from the fifties..  Very comfortable for a couple, but set up to accommodate young children, if you wish, with optional crib and high chair. This is a very clean pet unit so if you have allergies please let us select one of the other units for you.
Odell Apartment D (Anna’s Apartment)
3 guests, two beds one queen and one twin.  This is a quiet second floor unit with a sunny south facing galley kitchen, little breakfast bar and dining area in living room.  It has a huge claw foot tub, a slightly anemic shower J good access to our second floor laundry and enough antiques and artwork to keep you occupied.

Odell Apartment F (The Ballroom)
All of the Odell House units are special, but Apartment F is quite magical.  Think of the children's book, The Little Princess, after the rich stranger befriended the orphaned girl, and there you have it.  It's third floor, with the gold-domed ceiling of the spacious 1920s ballroom (now with two matching futons, upholstered furniture and a great sound system), opening into a diminutive dining area for four, a fabulous red and gold bedroom retreat with Queen bed and western views, great kitchen, and bath with huge, gold, claw foot tub. (A separate room-sized shower keeps the guys happy. . . )
     To mention that F sports two third-floor balconies just seems like bragging. It's definitely worth the two flights of stairs, but NOT for your grandmother.  Let her stay below and go down to visit.