Map Above

The Odell House -
            2325 W.First Ave./ 105 S. Poplar
2.   The Wakefield House
            (across street from the Odell House)
4.   The Museum of Arts and Culture (MAC)
5.   The Elk - restaurant
6.   La Tratoria, Italian Food - restaurant
7.   Pacific Pizza
8.   Tully's Coffee Cafe
9.   Steve's Bike Shop
10. Rosaurs Grocery Store
11. Washington State Liquior Store

12. The Carnegie Square Shops at First & Cedar Streets:

         Irimi Art, Antiques and Natural Fiber Clothing
           B. White Stone Winery tasting room
           C. Rocket Bakery and Cafe
           D. Fringe and Fray, Resale Clothing Boutique
           E. Carousel Vintage Clothing
           F. Andy's bar (A fine place)
           G. Two Wheel Transit bike shop
           H. Lee Frame Shop and Art Gallery
           I.  Motion Auto Parts

13. Huckleberries Natural Foods Market
14. Gonzaga University
15  Auntie's Bookstore and 
16. Riverpark Square Shopping and Theaters
17. Riverpark Parking Garage Entrance
18. Convention Center Comples / Opera House
19. Spokane Arena
20. Sacred Heart Medicial Center
21. Deacones Hospital

Directions to Odell House:

To Browne's Addition, just to the west of downtown Spokane
From I-90 take the Maple Street Bridge Exit 280.
Go north on Walnut (from the east a right and from the west a left at the
second light).Go left (west) on Second Avenue. 
After the first light the road will offer a"Y".
Stay to the right, leaving the grocery store (Rosauer's) on your left,
remaining on Second Avenue as you enter Browne's Addition.

To get to the  Odell House, turn right on Cannon Street noting the group
of neat restaurants one block up at the traffic circle for later! Follow signs
for the Mac Museum, going straightthrough the traffic circle at Pacific and
then left onto First Avenue.  Pass by themuseum (it will be on your right)
and at the end of the block where First Avenue turns into Poplar, forcing you
to turn left you will find the Odell House--2325 West First Avenue AND 105
South Poplar, depending on your unit. 

NOTE: All the main entries (and some of the doors) are equipped with
Simplex number-coded locks.  Please be sure to check with me a few days
BEFORE your arrival for the codes! 

  If you need assistance, or to contact me for codes, please call my cell 509 879-4619.  Failing that, my partner's cell is 509 863-5357  He won't usually know about booking or availability, but he's happy to help if you are lost, need help entering your unit or just have a question.

Please don't wait 'till the last moment to ask for codes, remember you WILL need them to get in, and keep in mind that the travel agents generally do not provide us contact information for you.  If I am totally stumped you may find a note on the porch for you in our "rescue box,"
but this is not the ideal check in situation!
Dale 509 879-4619