Ms. Dale Forbes is a Boston native, fan of Victorian architecture from childhood (see picture of Naushon barn), she holds a degree in English literature (as well as a vacuum) has a fine hand on the rein of any horse going. (Grand prix Dressage rider).  Also published author, spinner, sheep shearer and reservation counselor.  Family: Rick, and one child, (graduate 2010 Gonzaga University), one dog, short tailed cat, three (plus or minus) horses, two fiber goats, six sheep, seven ducks and an african Grey Parrot. Mad Max.

Mr. Rick Graff is a Spokane Native, black belt Aikido practitioner, Senior Olympic-qualified shot put champ and microwave (etc all) mover.  He holds a masters degree in counseling, and a "qualified for retirement" status after thirty years behind the couch.  He now prefers to clean under the couch, or push a mower--when not commuting on his bike or otherwise working out to some absurd degree.  Family: Dale, two kids, five grandkids, (and three foster grandkids) one dog.  Very Dirty Harry.